Top NBA Players Who Will Never Win a Championship

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Great Players Don’t Guarantee Championships 

NBA championships are elusive, as a few of the most talented players today would gladly tell you. The NBA is exactly like the other major leagues (NFL, MLB, NHL) in that it requires so much more than talent to win the ring. Some of those NBA players who have yet to lay hold of the NBA title “champion” will go into the Hall of Fame as historically great. Among those great players today and future Hall inductees who haven’t won it all yet, a few most likely never will.

Chris Paul is a do-everything player, leader and athletic talent that has almost identical traits to the other amazing guard on this list. Although both will most likely never capture a title, the reasons are quite different. Paul plays for the Los Angeles Clippers and has been one of the elite players in the NBA at any position for a decade now. The Clippers just don’t give Paul the supporting cast needed. Aside from Griffith, who has his own drawbacks and Crawford who is regularly used improperly, it is all about CP3. This will be the story for Chris Paul and the little brother of the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook is arguably the best all around player in the league. Points, rebounds, assists, steals and yes everything else too. He contributes across the board in every way and seemingly never leaves the court. Unfortunately (and curiously), the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to let go of their greatest chance for a NBA title and along with it Westbrook’s chances as well. Kevin Durant’s departure is a void that can’t be replaced on a team that already lacks depth and talent. I have to believe that along with Chris Paul, the time is “now” for both players with a short window closing quickly on their prime years.

Anthony Davis, although another candidate who will most likely never reach the pinnacle of his sport, is still developing. That is a truly scary realization, but we have already discussed the need for more than talent. The leadership in New Orleans is rather confusing for the Pelicans and their all-world Power Forward slash Center, Anthony Davis. This team has been mired in futility for years, and based on the results and questionable moves that will probably equate to more of the same for the Pelicans.

There are many other players who are good enough and incredibly talented but who will end careers absent a championship title. Their is a pretty good pair up there in Toronto for example, but championships are elusive for a reason. If life was fair, then perhaps all of these gifted players will accomplish the goal, but championships aren’t easy to win. They are elusive.

Any blockbuster trade, or a player like Westbrook or Paul joining a contender with the right parts in place could change all of this prognostication. Where it stands currently, however, without a major change then these players will end exceptional careers without winning that all important and yes, elusive championship title.