Best Players in the NBA Right Now

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Top Five NBA Players. 

NBA is quite a competitive league and, season in, season out, players would come to the limelight with their scintillating performance. However, there are those players that have consistently earned their places in the top positions every other season for some years now. 2016, has been a year of real basketball pleasure and this article seeks to depict those players who have performed well to earn their spots at the top five position. Evaluation of individual performance plus their sportsmanship has helped in the compilation of the best five players.

1. Stephen Curry
The 28 years old Akran-born NBA player has stood out above the rest as the best performing player this year. Playing for the Golden State Warriors, he has scored a tally of 25 points per game. As if that is not good enough for Stephen Curry, he registered 14 total assists during the game against 76ers. With his strength, agility, and incredible shots, Stephen has been recognized to unleash terror unto opposing teams. As if that is not enough testimony about Stephen’s outstanding performance then maybe the fact that he was the best and most valued player in NBA last season might just ring a bell to you. His ability to shoot from long distances and his unselfish self with the ball gives him the dominance in the limelight.

2. LeBron James
He is another player with such an incredible athleticism. For about ten years now, he has been dominating the top position, but this time round, his jump-shots are not the best they can be. Playing for Cleveland Cavaliers, James still is that dominating force when it comes to the play offs. He dominates his opponents with his incredible steals and shots possibly because he has been on the field far more than many players in the NBA at the moment.

3. Kevin Durant.
Kevin Durant is irrefutably one of the most infamous figures in the NBA history; he is not only an award-winning player but also one of the greatest and unstoppable scorers in the NBA. He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunders and has gained recognition in the league due to the exponential growth in his skills in the recent past. His fame has grown because his scores have made his team win in the past. He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder; the team has done him one of the swiftest and unstoppable scorers that send chills down the spine of his opponents.

4. Russell Westbrook.
He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunders; he is widely known for his skills that overwhelm the opposing guards and the entire defense of the opponent team due to his athletism. He is one of the best rebounding players making him a double guard; he has made a name for himself with his skills that makes him a scorer of all time and joins the legends such as the Jason Kidd. He continues to perform excellently and has scored at least 20 points in straight games. Westbrook averages 9.7 assists, 9.0 boards among other achievements that he has made this season.

5. Kawhi Leonard.
He is one of the players whose recognition has grown exponentially in the recent past; this is because back in the year 2004, he was an excellent scorer that combined handwork and skills. He instilled fear in the opponents by nailing 3-pointers at a high clip; this score lifted the Indiana Pacers top an incredibly strong position gaining a good reputation among both fans and fellow players. He played at the MVP level thus leading the Spurs to a whole new height of achievement. He is one of the most valued players of the Antonio Spurs.