Top NBA Players Who Will Never Win a Championship

Great Players Don’t Guarantee Championships 

NBA championships are elusive, as a few of the most talented players today would gladly tell you. The NBA is exactly like the other major leagues (NFL, MLB, NHL) in that it requires so much more than talent to win the ring. Some of those NBA players who have yet to lay hold of the NBA title “champion” will go into the Hall of Fame as historically great. Among those great players today and future Hall inductees who haven’t won it all yet, a few most likely never will.

Chris Paul is a do-everything player, leader and athletic talent that has almost identical traits to the other amazing guard on this list. Although both will most likely never capture a title, the reasons are quite different. Paul plays for the Los Angeles Clippers and has been one of the elite players in the NBA at any position for a decade now. The Clippers just don’t give Paul the supporting cast needed. Aside from Griffith, who has his own drawbacks and Crawford who is regularly used improperly, it is all about CP3. This will be the story for Chris Paul and the little brother of the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook is arguably the best all around player in the league. Points, rebounds, assists, steals and yes everything else too. He contributes across the board in every way and seemingly never leaves the court. Unfortunately (and curiously), the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to let go of their greatest chance for a NBA title and along with it Westbrook’s chances as well. Kevin Durant’s departure is a void that can’t be replaced on a team that already lacks depth and talent. I have to believe that along with Chris Paul, the time is “now” for both players with a short window closing quickly on their prime years.

Anthony Davis, although another candidate who will most likely never reach the pinnacle of his sport, is still developing. That is a truly scary realization, but we have already discussed the need for more than talent. The leadership in New Orleans is rather confusing for the Pelicans and their all-world Power Forward slash Center, Anthony Davis. This team has been mired in futility for years, and based on the results and questionable moves that will probably equate to more of the same for the Pelicans.

There are many other players who are good enough and incredibly talented but who will end careers absent a championship title. Their is a pretty good pair up there in Toronto for example, but championships are elusive for a reason. If life was fair, then perhaps all of these gifted players will accomplish the goal, but championships aren’t easy to win. They are elusive.

Any blockbuster trade, or a player like Westbrook or Paul joining a contender with the right parts in place could change all of this prognostication. Where it stands currently, however, without a major change then these players will end exceptional careers without winning that all important and yes, elusive championship title.

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Best Players to Have Never Won an NBA Title

Games of sport are some of the games that are very exciting to watch. Players and spectators enjoy the thrill that comes with such sports. One of the most followed game in the world is basketball. Various renowned franchises all over the world fight for dominance in the sport. In the USA the NBA championship is one of the most revered titles. All the teams in the conferences work hard to be winners as winning it is considered a significant achievement in a player’s life. However, in every game, there are winners and losers. Losing is a painful thing for the team and its stakeholders.


The article is all about basketball players who in their time as players deserved to win the title but in one way or another failed to capture the title. Being an MVP is considered prestigious but helping your team win the title is all that matters. Individual accolades count but that team achievement is more valued.


Some of the players who were not fortunate enough to win the title include:


Patrick Ewing


Patrick Ewing was drafted by New York Knicks in 1995. At the time of his signing, he was supposed to revolutionize the team by bringing trophies to the franchise’s cabinet. He was a marvelous player who always averaged 21 points and 10 rebounds per game. This is a good return considering he had a long, illustrious career spurning 17 years. Although Ewing always tried very hard to win a championship, Chicago Bulls lead by their talismanic leader Michael Jordan always slew them. Although Ewing and New York provided Chicago Bulls one of their toughest playoffs, they Chicago Bulls always prevailed knocking Ewing and New York Knicks out of play the year 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1996. The only time that Ewing had the chance of taking the title was in 1994 as Jordan had a hiatus from the game. However, he was slain by Hakeem Olajuwon of Houston Rockets.


Allen Iverson


He goes down the list of players that never won the championship as he averaged 27 points per game in his career. Although many considered him petulant and selfish, Allen Iverson was a hard worker. Leading the league scoring charts in four different seasons is no small thing. A dominant player standing at 6 feet, A.I as he was fondly known was a hard basketball man who nearly won the NBA title in 2001, but a charged Lakers Los Angeles led by the fearful duo of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal edged them out in the finals.


Charles Barkley


Charles Barkley averaged an impressive 23 point, 12 rebounds and 4 assists per game in his career. He was a superstar who led his team 76ers very bravely. However, he was unable to deliver his team the needed title. He led his team to six playoffs in eight years but failed to deliver a title. He has won the MVP in his successful career; However, Michael Jordan is one of the players who gave him hell on the court.


Elgin Baylor


He was one of the best players of his generation and played for Minneapolis Lakers. In his first season after being signed as rookie, he averaged 22 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists per game. However, he and his team were forced to surrender the title on several occasions by teams like the Lakers. What makes his story even worse is injury forced him to retire in 1972. However, the same year, his team won the title after beating New York Knicks.


John Stockton and Karl Malone
These two hard men were inseparable in their career. They are considered some of the best in the positions that they used to play. However, despite their heroics in the game, the duo failed to deliver their team the revered NBA title to their team. However, it’s good to acknowledge that this pair really deserved to win.

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Best Players in the NBA Right Now

Top Five NBA Players. 

NBA is quite a competitive league and, season in, season out, players would come to the limelight with their scintillating performance. However, there are those players that have consistently earned their places in the top positions every other season for some years now. 2016, has been a year of real basketball pleasure and this article seeks to depict those players who have performed well to earn their spots at the top five position. Evaluation of individual performance plus their sportsmanship has helped in the compilation of the best five players.

1. Stephen Curry
The 28 years old Akran-born NBA player has stood out above the rest as the best performing player this year. Playing for the Golden State Warriors, he has scored a tally of 25 points per game. As if that is not good enough for Stephen Curry, he registered 14 total assists during the game against 76ers. With his strength, agility, and incredible shots, Stephen has been recognized to unleash terror unto opposing teams. As if that is not enough testimony about Stephen’s outstanding performance then maybe the fact that he was the best and most valued player in NBA last season might just ring a bell to you. His ability to shoot from long distances and his unselfish self with the ball gives him the dominance in the limelight.

2. LeBron James
He is another player with such an incredible athleticism. For about ten years now, he has been dominating the top position, but this time round, his jump-shots are not the best they can be. Playing for Cleveland Cavaliers, James still is that dominating force when it comes to the play offs. He dominates his opponents with his incredible steals and shots possibly because he has been on the field far more than many players in the NBA at the moment.

3. Kevin Durant.
Kevin Durant is irrefutably one of the most infamous figures in the NBA history; he is not only an award-winning player but also one of the greatest and unstoppable scorers in the NBA. He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunders and has gained recognition in the league due to the exponential growth in his skills in the recent past. His fame has grown because his scores have made his team win in the past. He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder; the team has done him one of the swiftest and unstoppable scorers that send chills down the spine of his opponents.

4. Russell Westbrook.
He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunders; he is widely known for his skills that overwhelm the opposing guards and the entire defense of the opponent team due to his athletism. He is one of the best rebounding players making him a double guard; he has made a name for himself with his skills that makes him a scorer of all time and joins the legends such as the Jason Kidd. He continues to perform excellently and has scored at least 20 points in straight games. Westbrook averages 9.7 assists, 9.0 boards among other achievements that he has made this season.

5. Kawhi Leonard.
He is one of the players whose recognition has grown exponentially in the recent past; this is because back in the year 2004, he was an excellent scorer that combined handwork and skills. He instilled fear in the opponents by nailing 3-pointers at a high clip; this score lifted the Indiana Pacers top an incredibly strong position gaining a good reputation among both fans and fellow players. He played at the MVP level thus leading the Spurs to a whole new height of achievement. He is one of the most valued players of the Antonio Spurs.

No More Streetball, It’s Playoff Time

Warriors NBA Playoffs

Everyone who knows me knows that not only do I love skating, but I also love playing a little hoops.  The NBA regular season is a little long.  Does it really take 82 games to decide who the best teams are that deserve to make the playoffs?  Probably not.

March Madness is sweet.  There is a lot of action in a short amount of time.  Does it determine who the best team is?  I don’t think so.  The one and done format makes it difficult.  Anyone can get lucky.  Anyone can put one win together and knock off a favorite.  A good team normally wins, but not one of the best.

That’s why I prefer the NBA playoffs.  The best teams normally come out on top.  You can look at Vegas’s complete Finals odds and see the top teams have a great chance of winning.

Are there upsets?  Of course there are.  Do 8 seeds knock off the 1 seeds in a 7 game series?  Rarely.  Very rarely.  They have to play exceptional and really earn it.  That is why one of the best ways to bet the playoffs is with the Zig Zag Theory.  If a good team goes down, you come back with their the next game.  These are the only games that I bet during April, May, and even June.

This season is going to be extra special.  The Golden State Warriors are coming off a record setting regular season where they put up 73 wins.  They are the defending champs.  They have looked unbeatable at times.  If they are healthy, and right now they are, there hasn’t been any team that can compete with them.

However, the San Antonio Spurs haven’t lost a home game all season long.  They won more games than any other team in franchise history.  They have exchanged blows with Golden State so far this season and I think Pop has saved up some strategy for the playoffs.

The only problem is that with the two seed they will have to go through the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Kevin Durant.  Russell Westbrook.  Those two guys giving you 40+ minutes come playoff time should scare any team half to death.

Look, the East isn’t going to put up much of a fight.  It’ll be the Cleveland Cavaliers again unless something crazy happens.  Can the Toronto Raptors put up a fight in the playoffs? Maybe.  But I doubt it.  The only thing Cleveland has to worry about is themselves.  Listening to the coach.  LeBron not throwing a fit.  Kevin Love not throwing a fit or getting hurt.  Kyrie not going mental after hearing about his girl stepping out on him.

I still think whoever wins the West wins the whole thing.

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